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JET Programme and Japan Info & Links

This is an absolutely monster sized post so to keep things tidy I've hidden it all behind something called an lj cut.

The links below are just a fraction of what I've written about Japan, but I've slected them with the idea of giving someone a general picture of what life is like on the JET Program.

You can use the calander feature to scroll through entries from July 2008 to August 2010 if you want to read all the posts I made whilst I was out there. After Summer 2010 my journal died a painful death so that's where the bulk of the writing about Japan stops sadly. I still type up a Japan related post from time to time though.

So before I start listing all the links...

Here's some frequently used words and phrases in the blog:

ALT = assistant language teacher (This was my job title.)
BOE = Board of Education (Part of the local government in charge of public schools in Matsue and my ex-boss. They adopted me. No really, it said that on the contract!)
inaka = rural/countryside (Where most JETs end up after requesting Tokyo and Kyoto for their placements.)
JET = as in JET Program participant (I was one of these too.)
JET Programme = A worldwide program run by the Japanese government to get native speakers of languages (mainly English) into classrooms. Also for grassroots internationalization.
JTE = Japanese teacher of English (The people ALTs have to teach a class with at school.)
Matsue - the city I lived in.
prefecture - the name for counties/states in Japan.
Shimane - the prefecture I lived in (the second least populated and one of the most inaka in Japan!)

And Here's Some Info about Japanese Schools

elementary school = ages 6 - 12
junior high school = ages 12 - 15
senior high school = ages 15 - 18

A third grade senior high school student for example, would be 17/18 years old and in their third and final year at senior high school. This is year 13 in the UK.

In Japan I taught at senior high school 4 days a week, junior high school every Wednesday and had an adult conversation class at my local community centre too.

Links Relating to the Application Process

JET Programme Interview
Getting onto the Jet Programme!
Finding out where I'll live in Japan

Interview with Kate who got accepted onto JET in 2013.
Part 1 - application
Part 2 - the interview
Part 3 - finding out she's been accepted

Links about Arriving in Japan

Days before going to Japan
Arriving in Tokyo
First few days in Matsue
First few days at school
A day at senior high school
A day at junior high school

Teaching in Japan

Things about Japanese schools that SHOCK me
Memoires from a high school English camp
Graduation (In my first year.)
All Change in the Staffroom!
Classroom brain death
Students saying weird things
Yes, we can!
Little things to remember
Surprise Rice Planting
Learning to write capital letters
Graduation (In my second year.)
School health information leaflets
Releasing a turtle into the wild!
Weeding the school grounds
ALT leaving enkai
Little teaching successes
A Halloween themed eikaiwa
First week back at school (After going back to England for Christmas 2009)
Postcard prizes

Life in Japan

Being illiterate in Japan
Three months in Japan
Doh Drum Festival Part 1 and Part 2 (1st Year)
Celebrating Australia Day
Christmas in Japan
Why does Matsue celebrate St Patrick's Day?
Something for when you've found out you've been accepted onto JET
Scary animal encounter!
How to use public baths in Japan
Funny signs in Japan
Horan Enya Boat Festival
Cycling in the rainy season
My Matsue family
One year in Japan!
Doh Drum Rehearsal
Doh Drum Festival (2nd Year)
Winter's on the way
KFC's Colonal Sanders' Costumes
Naoto & Nobuko (a post about Japanese prime ministers)
Holding doors
How to dress like a Japanese woman
Cherry blossom & hanami

Travel in Japan

A weekend in Tottori Parts One and Two
Yokohama Parts One and Two

Re-Contracting and Leaving Japan

Recontracting - 1st Year
Recontracting ceremony
Recontracting - 2nd Year
Leaving Matsue
Returning to England
Missing my ex-students


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