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Yvette in Japan Part 2

Aside from visiting a lot of restaurants and doing some sightseeing around Matsue, me and Yvette also took a two day trip to Kyoto. It was really nice to go there while it was warm, sunny and free from the excessive crowding that occurs during public holidays. The city had a really beautiful and peaceful feel to it for me this time. We never rushed anywhere and we enjoyed strolling around and soaking everything in. The first day we hit the shops. I got really excited about the chance to buy more books which I started reading as soon as I got back to the hostel.

On our second day we went to a place called kiyomizu-dera. It was my third time there but it never gets any less amazing for me. Every time I notice something I never saw before. This time it was that there are statues inside the main gate protecting what's inside the temple grounds. A highlight for me this time was that without the crowds I was able to go inside one of the main buildings and tap a wooden rod against a large metal bowl (sorry I don't know the names for either of these things, but I assume they're for prayer). The sound was just beautiful. It's one of my favorite sounds of Japan, and as people were always lining up to do the same it was sounded every few seconds and created a stunning atmosphere for us to explore the grounds to.

^The main gate at the entrance to the temple. Behind the green mesh panels lie the statues I'd never noticed before.

^Yvette purifies herself before going in to the main temple. (Not that she's unclean, it's just the name for what she's doing! The way to do it is you first pour water on one hand, then the other, then rinse out your mouth with water from your hand and voila, you are clean and able to go in.

^ The pagoda and some of the temple buildings.

^The main temple building behind Yvette, on a base of wooden beams that places it high up in the trees on the hillside.

^The main building from below.



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